Monumental Masons Brisbane

Monumental Masonry is one of the most in demand type of stonemasonry in many countries. They obviously focus on formation, placing, assembling and designing of headstones and other memorial necessities.

Most Christian countries are practicing the culture of having tombstones on top of the grave to commemorate their departed family member. These headstones consists important information about the deceased person such as name, birthdate, date of passing and biblical quotations. They also include Christian symbols like crucifix or a rosary, bible verses applicable to the life of the person buried and sometimes personal religious messages for blessing the soul of the departed one.

Monuments in cemeteries are made of durable and long lasting stone materials such as granite, Italian marble and sandstone. These kinds of stones are aesthetically pleasing and elegant. The natural gloss and shine of the mentioned stones can be maintained by polishing and will definitely last a long time.

Monumental masons can restore old and faded headstones. As long as the grave stone is not broken, they can fix it without replacing the whole thing. Restoration is one of their expertise and they can guarantee to give you a brand new looking stone in no time.

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Headstones are basically arranged and prepared after the interment or also known as funeral. The bereaved families or relatives of the deceased person will be the one to choose the materials and design of the memorial marker. They have to coordinate with the stonemasons to conceptualize the ideas they have in mind. And since most of the Christian families love to put some biblical scripts and messages, the clients should provide for whatever wordings they want to be engraved or carved on the headstone aside from the personal information of the grave owner.

The work of the Monumental Masons are more specific compared to Stonemasons who are dealing with general stone crafts. Masons who are creating and installing monuments for memorial purposes are into details of the design which may also include sculpturing religious symbols and artistic letterings like calligraphy. Some of the most common sculptures found in a cemetery are angels, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary and a praying hand. But these are just some of the popular carved stones with three dimensions.

These memorial monuments are not just limited to flat rectangular markers but also involving tall and life size figures on top of the gravestone with inscription. Expect that more complicated style will cost the customer more and it depends on what material to be used. The harder the stone is, the harder it is for the monumental mason to carve a more detailed shape. After all, clients choosing such designs are aware of the cost and they probably have enough budget to ask a mason to create something extravagant.