Stone Masons Brisbane

KM Masons Qualities

Our stonemasons excels in craftsmanship, accuracy and attention to details and offers a wide range of stone products and services. In KM Masons, you can guarantee that each and every one of our stonemasons have perfected the craft and carries decades of experience on their shoulders. We only hire the bests among the best’s skilled artisans and builders.

KM Masons’ stone masonry services covers everything from structures down to constructions or building restorations, to artistic decors and other effects, stone carvings, stone statues and monuments and headstones for memorials.

Hand-eye coordination

Our Stonemasons are all able to apply smooth and even layers of mortar, set bricks, and remove any excess before the mortar hardens making the surface seamless and promoting a more visually appealing layer.

Math skills 

KM Masons pride not only lies with our physical skills. Our Masons have knowledge of math including measurement, volume, and mixing proportions all of which are crucial and important in this trade and industry.

Physical Health

Here at KM Masons we keep a steady pace while setting bricks all day thus we make sure that our employees are on their top conditions all the time. We make sure to give our beloved workers a good healthcare package. We strongly believe that a healthy worker is a good worker.

Visualization and Attention to details

Our stonemasons are also artisans and can appreciate and understand architectures and other forms of art so you can rest assure that our work is going to be how you envisioned your project.

Our stonemasons Duties

  • Analyze blueprints or drawings to accurately calculate materials needed
  • Provide Layouts, patterns or blueprints for foundations and references
  • Accurately break or cut stones, blocks or bricks to their appropriate size
  • Install slabs, tiles and bricks in a seamless manner
  • Lay bricks, blocks, or stones according to the agreed plans
  • Ensure that a structure is perfectly vertical and horizontal
  • Clean and polish surfaces with hand or power tools
  • Ensure that the structure built is 100% sturdy


Stone Masons Brisbane

Here at KM Masons, we take pride in our wide array of stone works. Our Stone Masons are well equipped with the necessary skills and specializations.

Brickmasons and Blockmasons

Oftentimes called bricklayers, building and repairing walls, flooring, partitions, fireplaces, chimneys and other structures that uses bricks and other precast masonry panels and slabs, concrete blocks, hollow blocks and other masonry elements.

Refractory masons

These are our stone masons who specializes in installing firebrick, gunite, castables, and refractory tile in high-temperature boilers, furnaces, cupolas, ladles, and soaking pits in industrial establishments. Most of these workers are employed in steel mills, where molten materials flow on refractory beds from furnaces to rolling machines. They also are employed at oil refineries, glass furnaces, incinerators, and other locations with manufacturing processes that require high temperatures.


These are the masons who build stone walls, as well as set stone exteriors and floors. They work with two types of stone: natural-cut stone, such as marble, granite, and limestone; and artificial stone, made from concrete, marble chips, or other masonry materials. Using a special hammer or a diamond-blade saw, workers cut stone to make various shapes and sizes. Some stonemasons specialize in setting marble, which is similar to setting large pieces of stone.