Stone Walls Brisbane

Stone walls are fundamentally outdoor decors made of stones piled up to create an attractive wall. It is an ancient practice wherein they use dry stones and simply stack them together and securing holes with smaller or broken pieces of rocks. This type of stone craft is usually used in the garden as bedrocks or for landscapes and free standing stone art. It was very popular in England during the 18th century due to its unique beauty, simplicity and durability. Stonewalls are built by experts called Stonewall Masons; it only requires them few items to build one, not to mention no sticking compound or substance were used in building.

Today, stone wall installation are more edgy and contemporary. Although it is still built by typical stone wall masons, they have new approach in installing stone walls and wider options when it comes to physical scheme.

Stone Wall Masons use different materials now compared to the traditional dry stone. The modern matters used nowadays are bricks and tiles made of Granite, Sandstone, Gneiss, Limestone, Quartzite etc. These are hard stones and non-glossy type perfect for both indoor and outdoor décor. These are usually made as focal point in different parts of the house. To make the boring walls more interesting and avant-garde, these stones can be amplified with other elements like wood or metal.

Stone Wall Masonry is not just about embellishing plain walls but also could serve as a sturdy protection especially for the outdoor part wherein the heat of the sun and water from the rain could make the cement weaker and less appealing. It is definitely an advantage since you do not need to spend for repainting or re-tiling every year to keep the building pleasing to the eye, looking new and captivating. So in short, it is low maintenance.

Actually, this kind of stone craft is very practical and could be one of the best options if you are not into renewing house designs and decors frequently. Compared to painted and plain concrete walls, stones can create beautiful structures with longer life and might need minimal repair or restoration after several years or even decades. It is easy to maintain if you only know whom to call and know the specific services you need whether for repair or rebuilding.

Masons in charge of stone walls are also skilled in keeping the appearance and permanence of the stones used. Some Masonry shops or companies excel in rebuilding and restoration of old stone walls. After quite some time, stone walls especially the ones outside or in the garden will surely rubble and crack, well it is normal mainly because of external factors like rain and earthquake but you have to do something to keep it standing for a long time. There are remedies for damaged stones so, do not lose hope and these experts can do magic on it.

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